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Sentry Mechanical, established in September of 1997, is an all-purpose, multifaceted Mechanical Contracting organization that offers a variety of services intended to assist in the fulfillment of our mission. “Our Commitment to quality, reliability, and effectiveness in achieving customer satisfaction is highest on our list of priorities as well as providing the best service this industry has to offer.” This mission statement is much more than a mere “slogan” for Sentry Mechanical and our employees; indeed, it is our purpose.


Sentry Mechanical has resources, contacts, experience, area-studies expertise, and extensive knowledge of the HVAC and Plumbing Trades. We employ personnel with the combination of unique qualifications, experience, knowledge, commitment to excellence, dedication, work ethic, responsibility, and integrity to meld all of these features together into an integrated whole, and to “deliver” on the promise of superior performance and top-flight service. As a result of working in the field for nearly 20 years, I guarantee that no other firms are able to do what Sentry Mechanical does repeatedly.

– Thomas P. Gray, Chief Executive Officer
Please call us at (412) 795-3040 to discuss your mechanical contracting needs and to request your free quote.

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